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This page gives you tips and demonstrations about instruction, reed-making and other oboe related performance techniques, including experiences about playing in a recital or master class or doing an audition.

The Tabuteau System

John Mack reed primer

Richard Woodhams on reeds

Joseph Robinson on why would anyone want to play the oboe

Robert Walters – making music on the Cor Anglais

Elaine Douvas, solo oboe of the Metropolitan Opera


Eugene Izatov


A Manual for the Oboe Gouging Machine: Initial Setup, Maintenance and General Usage, Specifically for the Harvard Double Reed Gouging Machine by Karen Melinda Kistler, Florida State University

Berlin Philharmonic principal oboist Albrecht Mayer coaches Max Blair on Ravel’s Le tombeau de Couperin.

Brahms No. 1 oboe solo

Oboe Reed Scraping Part 1

Oboe Reed Scraping Part 2

The “Jay Light” Oboe Reed

Oboe Reedmaking Step 1 in the Series

Charles Colin Grande Fantaisie Concertante Oboe by Yeonsu 11 years old, Kumho Prodigy Concert 2010, Korea


great works for study

Gabriel’s oboe

Gabriel’s oboe



what oboe players say

Gabriel’s oboe

about Pittsburgh Symphony 1st oboe on making reeds

Quizzes for music theory and history.

How oboe is like a marriage(?) funny

Blog on oboe careers


2017 – year of the oboe


Robert Bloom, Escales mvt 2 solo-on the link below